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Writing Effective E-Mail Copy

A lot of peoples e-mail are used to sign up for various services and as a result have to go through heaps of spam messages in their mail (these are unsolicited commercial e-mails or what we call mass direct mail that users were unaware of signing up for). People delete these messages without reading them and find them pointless and irritating to receive.

It can feel almost impossible to create direct e-mail that people will read right away but there are some tips and tricks Minuteman Press Richmond knows that can help catch the attention of your customers and give your e-mail a better chance of being read.

The subject heading

The subject heading is vital in every direct mail you send. It needs to be given special thought before crafting and sending it.

A subject heading determines whether the user will open the message or junk it right away. Make a short, relevant and straight to the point subject heading that will catch the interest of the reader.

Try not to use buzz words that are not related to the message you want to relay as this may lose your credibility to the reader.


Try to write the message as if you are talking to the person face to face in a friendly and conversational way. When the content of the message is too long and boring, the reader’s attention will go elsewhere and they will have another reason to stop reading.

Write short catchy phrases that are simple to understand and direct to the point and make the tone as friendly as possible. Get down to the most important point you want to share as quickly as you can and highlight details such as prices, instructions and product details.

Call to action

Keep your readers glued to your message by offering a premium incentive and proceed by pitching your call to action which can be as simple as “contact this number” or “visit our website for more details”.

Make the call to action easy to follow and include links or contact numbers so they don’t have to search for it. A website visit will give them time to think and make a decision without being pressured.

Your product

When you have a great product, pair it with relevant information in your message; this will give the reader an idea that you are not forcing them to buy from you or to order online immediately. Make them want to read your e-mail message again and again to have some time to think. Respect the user by adding an “unsubscribe” button should they decide to stop getting unsolicited e-mails.